Good Standing

Students will remain in good standing by complying with all academic standards, policies, and regulations set forth by XUSOM. Students must also satisfy all financial obligations to XUSOM or its affiliated lender. A student is not in good standing if they meet one or more of the following categories:

  • Academic probation
  • Professional probation
  • Not meeting financial obligations

The University reserves the right to withhold services, transcripts and certifications from a student who is not in good standing.


Students who do not achieve satisfactory results, GPA below 2.0 or failure in 1 or more than 1 subject/course will be placed on Academic Probation. The purpose of Academic Probation is to ensure that all students successfully progress through the Academic Program. This applies whether or not students took the examinations, i.e. students who automatically fail a course due to non-attendance. Students on Academic Probation may be required to undertake any or all of the following:

  • Presentation in the class
  • Submission of extra work
  • Extra examinations
  • Academic¬† counseling sessions

Students will be placed on Academic Probation for a minimum of one semester. The length of Academic Probation is at the discretion of the Promotional Committee in consultation with the Dean of Student Affairs. Students placed on Academic Probation will receive written notice to this effect, detailing the length of probation, the reasons for the probation, and the extra work that they will be required to complete.

Students who fail a course taken during a period of Academic Probation may be recommended for dismissal from the School due to academic inadequacy. The Promotional Committee will review these students on an individual basis and make recommendations to the appropriate Dean, who will recommend to the Chief Academic Officer whether the student should be retained or dismissed.

Students of Xavier University School of Medicine have the right to appeal being placed on Academic Probation. Students wishing to appeal being placed on Academic Probation must follow the appeals procedure detailed in this Handbook.