Financial Requirements and Services

Refund Policy

Refunds are only given for tuition, and only when students officially withdraw from the basic sciences of XUSOM. Refunds are not given for Leaves of Absence. Refunds are not given for dismissal. Refunds are not given for any fees. Before any refund can be processed, a withdrawal form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office in New York for Pre-Med and Basic Science students.

Official withdrawal prior to the first day of registration: full refund of tuition only. **

Official withdrawal after the start of registration and prior to the withdrawal deadline: 50% of tuition only refunded. Returning students will only receive a 50% refund after the start of registration regardless if they actually register online.

Once the withdrawal deadline passes, students will not be eligible for tuition refunds. 

** The withdrawal deadline date is posted on the school calendar on All withdrawals must be submitted by 4pm Local Aruba Time on withdrawal deadline in order to be eligible for refund.

International Students: International students from outside of North America will not be eligible for a tuition refund regardless if they are a new student and whether or not they attend a class or classes or has withdrawn from the program.

**The semester seat deposit of $1,000 USD and applicable fees are excluded from this refund.

**MD6 and all semesters of Clinical Medicine are non-refundable.

*** Being dismissed from the University will make you ineligible for any refunds.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition, fees, and health insurance must be in good standing prior to being allowed to complete registration with XUSOM. For the Basic Sciences, tuition must be paid 30 days prior to the start of a semester, without incurring late fees. The only exception is for students in the Basic Sciences who have requested enrollment in a tuition payment plan and have been approved. For Clinical Sciences, tuition must be paid 21 days prior to the start of any rotation, without exception.

XUSOM affiliated International Programs may have different fee structures, payment options and applicable scholarships that do not apply to the XUSOM program in Aruba.

Tuition accounts will be considered in good standing by:

  • Making full payment for total balance, verified by the Student Finance Department.

Acceptable methods of payment:

Wire transfer

Wire Transfer Payment Info: (Subject to change, please confirm before sending.)

Personal check, bank draft, or money order

Personal Checks, Bank Drafts, or Money Order Payments: Make checks payable to: Xavier Admissions LLC

Mail to the following address:

Xavier Admissions LLC

1000 Woodbury Road, Suite 109,

Woodbury, New York 11797

All major credit cards

Credit Card Payments:

All credit card payment must be made online.  No phone payments are accepted.

Students can make payments directly through their SMS system. 

Credit card payments are subject to a 3% surcharge fee.

Students waive right to dispute any payments. All disputed payments may result in students dismissal.  

Students who previously dispute a charge will not be allowed to make payment by credit card for any future payments. 



Payment Plans

Students wishing to enter into a payment plan will apply to the Finance Department and provide any documentation required by the Finance Department.  Payment plans are awarded based on need and determination of ability to make the payments as required.   Approval of payment plans is subject to the discretion of the finance department and are not guaranteed.  Payment plans are only approved on a semester basis.  Students must reapply for a payment plan each semester 45 days prior the start of the next semester.  Prior approval of a payment plan does not guarantee future payment plans. Students  who do not fulfil their payment plans and have a balance will not be eligible to enroll in future semesters or apply for a new payment plan.

Student Loans

Xavier makes its best effort to make available a loan program from a third party financial institution.  The availability of such loans is up to the sole discretion of the third party financial institution.  Xavier does not make a commission nor charges a fee for these programs to its students.   Xavier's Board of Trustees, Promoters, Faculty, and Staff do not have any financial interest in the third party financial institutions.  Underwriting guidelines including cosigner requirements is solely up to the financial institution providing the loan.  Financial institutions can withdraw loans at any time without prior notice.  Xavier is not responsible for loans not being available or withdrawal of previously approved loans and students are responsible to pay their tuition in full.  Xavier provides debt counseling to all students during all normal working days and can be reached at 516-333-2224 or by email at

Students are obligated to repay all debt regardless of their graduation or residency match status. 

Financial Obligation

Students are required to acknowledge and agree to the following financial obligation terms statement:

I understand and agree to make full payment for all amounts owed to Xavier University School of Medicine pursuant to the completion of the Doctor of Medicine program, including but not limited to tuition, fees, insurance, and other miscellaneous charges that may become due. I understand that student loans are not guaranteed by Xavier University School of Medicine and can be cancelled or suspended at anytime without prior notice.  I understand that failure to make full payment will jeopardize my ability to continue to attend classes and may result in late payment fees being added to my account. I further understand and agree that if I withdraw from XUSOM I am still responsible for any unpaid balance, and that continued non-payment will result in my account being placed in collections with all reasonable collections costs, including attorney fees and other charges, becoming due and payable.  All disputes will be under the jurisdiction of XUSOM, Aruba campus.  Xavier will not release any transcripts to students with unpaid balances.  All disputes will be under the jurisdiction of XUSOM, Aruba campus.

I understand that by bouncing a check, providing a credit card that is not valid, disputing a credit card charge I will forfeit any scholarships I have and not be eligible for any scholarships in the future. I understand that until I have paid by balance in full or was granted a payment plan by the Controller and made necessary payments I will not have health insurance. I will be responsible for all medical bills I may incur because of this. Once I make payment I will be enrolled for health insurance on that day.

Acknowledgment and agreement to the terms statement above is done as part of the registration process.

The Admission Committee has continued to reaffirm that all students must possess the intellectual, physical and emotional capabilities necessary to undertake the required curriculum in a reasonably independent manner, without having to rely on intermediaries, and that all students must be able to achieve the levels of competence required by the faculty. All candidates for admission, both those with and without disabilities, are expected to be competitive with others in the applicant pool in academic, personal, and extracurricular dimensions and to meet these technical standards.

 It is students responsibility to disclose  disabilities during the admissions process and before classes begin.  University has the right to deny admissions or withdraw a student form the program and will not be liable for such action.  


Online Classes During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Pre-Med, Basic Science, and Clinical Rotations will be taught online.  All students acknowledge and understand that they have been provided the curriculum, schedule, and required disclosures and agree to it.  Once the withdrawal deadline passes for Pre-Med and Basic Science and Clinical Rotations are confirmed, no refunds will be given and all grades received will be final.  Student will be responsible for all payments and failure to many any will results in suspension of student account and full recovery of funds will be made. 

Missed Payment Fee

A missed payment fee of $500 will be applied if a payment plan due date is missed.  Students acknowledge when making a payment plan that any missed date will be subject to a $500 missed payment fee along with applicable late payment charges.  Reminders may not be sent for upcoming payment plan due dates.  It is the responsibility of the student to make the payment by the due date. 

Late Payment

Late fees on past due balances in the basic sciences will be assessed monthly based by amounts below:

  • $1 - $1,000 past due = $100 late fee
  • $1,001 - $10,000 past due = $250 late fee
  • $10,001+ past due = $500 late fee

Students MUST pay clinical science tuition in advance. No late payments are acceptable.

Student Financial Services

For detailed information regarding available financial aid, please contact the Student Finance Department at 1-516-333-2224. The department fax number is 1-516-921-1070.

Jurisdiction of Financial Matters

For all disputes and legal matters arising from invoicing and payments will be under the Jurisdiction of Aruba.