Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence from the Academic Program

XUSOM is a full-time medical program based upon enrollments all year. per year. Students are required to submit a Leave of Absence form to take any time off once enrolled in XUSOM.  The acceptable reasons for approval of Leave of Absence are listed below. Students are cautioned that any gaps in education, including leaves of absence, must be justified to licensing bodies and other accrediting organizations. Students may apply for a leave of absence from the Academic Program for one of the following reasons, if and only if he or she is in good financial standing with XUSOM.  Acceptable reasons for approved Leave of Absence do not waive any fees.  Students are required to pay the fees associated with the type of leave. 

  • Illness or injury of a student which affects their ability to study;
  • Illness or injury of a dependent or family member which affects the student’s ability to study. 

Basic Sciences Leave - "In-School LOA":

  • In-School LOA applies to all students who are currently enrolled in MD1 – MD5. In-School LOA allows the student to take a semester off from school while maintaining their status as a student with Xavier and their student immigration status.
  • In-School LOA fee is $3,200 USD per semester.  Payment is required before the leave semester starts. 
  • Students may not take consecutive semesters off.
  • In-School LOA must be requested and approved by the appropriate dean.
  • Unapproved leaves will result in administrative withdrawal from the University and will require re-admission.
  • Unpaid Approved LOA will result in administrative withdrawal from the University and will require re-admission.
  • Unapproved LOA will result in loss of immigration status.
  • Students on In-School LOA will not be covered under the school's IMG insurance policy.
  • Students on In-School LOA will not be permitted on campus. 

USMLE Step 1 Study Leave - "Med 6 LOA"

  • Students have to pass their Step 1/ CBSE within 3 years of matriculation into medical school.
  • Students have 2 attempts and 6 months to pass CBSE after passing their MD6 Kaplan finals and Comprehensive Clinical Skills Examination 1 (CCSE 1).
  • All students will receive a scheduling permit for the CBSE Examination in the last two weeks of the 3rd month of LOA. The students who do not pass CBSE on their first attempt will obtain another scheduling permit during the last two weeks of the 6th month of LOA.
  • After passing the Kaplan Final Exam at the end of MD6 for the first time, all students are granted up to four months (1 semester) of leave to study and prepare for their USMLE Step 1 examination, without charge. This is applicable to students who studied the whole basic sciences right from MD1 at Xavier University. This policy is not applicable to transfer students. 
  • After 6 months post- MD6 Kaplan finals, any unused CBSE attempts will be nullified, and they will be required to actively engage in academics by enrolling into Academic Support Program. This program is provided only In-person in Aruba. Failure to comply will result in academic dismissal.  
  • Students who pass the ASP exit exam will be given 3 months to take and pass the CBSE. Students who fail to pass the ASP exit exam can enroll in ASP for 1 more semester.
  • Students Failing to pass CBSE after ASP have to repeat MD6 in person.
  • The maximum allowable number of attempts of CBSE for a student is limited to four (4).
  • The entire LOA period, with multiple attempts, will not exceed 12 months. 
  • Students have the right to appeal to the "Grievances Committee" in case of unexpected circumstances. The committee's decision will be final.
  • Leave is given automatically and may not be broken up even if the student passes the Step 1 examination.
  • Students must take USMLE Step 1 within three months of passing CBSE, failing which the student have to retake and pass CBSE again for them to attempt Step1. 
  • Once the student passes USMLE 1, there is no further leave time granted.
  • Students will be charged for Med 6 LOA on the 1st of the month after 4 months of completion of MD6. 
  • Med 6 LOA is $800 per month.
  • Med 6 LOA invoices are due on the 10th of the month.
  • Med 6 LOA invoices are automatically generated on SMS and will not be mailed to student.  Student is responsible for accessing and paying their invoice. 
  • Past due Med 6 LOA invoices will result in administrative withdrawal from the University and will require re-admission.
  • Students will continue to be charged Med 6 LOA after they take USMLE Step 1 until their score is reported to XUSOM.  Once score is reported to XUSOM and student has passed, no more Med 6 LOA will be charged.  Student will be credited back payments to the date of USMLE step 1 exam.  If student fails USMLE Step 1, Med 6 LOA will continue to be charged. 
  • All students are required to provide a credit card when registering for MD6.  This card will be auto charged for any extensions of Leave of Absence.  Students whose card expires or becomes no longer valid will need to replace the card immediately.  Failure to maintain an active card on file can result in student being administratively withdrawn.  Credit card declines will result in student being administratively withdrawn. 

USMLE Step 2 CK Leave

  • After completion of all Core Rotations clinical students are given a total of four weeks of leave to prepare for the Step 2 CK Examination, without charge;
  • Students must request leave from the clinical department before the start of leave;
  • Step 2 CK/CS Leave is only for 4 weeks;
  • Leave is only granted after completion of all core examinations;
  • Unapproved leaves will be billed at $200.00* per week;
  • Additional leave time will be billed at $200.00* per week;

Clinical Medicine Leaves of Absence - "Clinical LOA":

Xavier University encourages students to not take long gaps between rotations; however the University recognizes that there may be circumstances for why the student is not in a rotation.

  • If there is a gap of two weeks or more between rotations, which is the fault of the student, the student will be invoiced for Clinical LOA;
  • Leave will be billed at $200.00* per week
  • Extraordinary circumstances such as documented medical leave or death in the family will be evaluated by the Dean of Clinical Sciences on an individual basis;
  • All LOA invoices must be settled before the student will be allowed to continue with rotations;
  • Failure to pay LOA fees will result in dismissal from the University.


Completed Clinical Medicine Leaves of Absence - "Completed Clinical LOA":

Xavier University encourages all students to take there USMLE Step 2 CK and CS exams during their rotations.  For students who have completed all their clinical rotations but have not completed all their graduation requirements they will automatically be placed on Completed Clinical LOA.

  • Completed Clinical LOA is $800 per month.
  • Completed Clinical LOA invoices are due on the 7th of the month.
  • Completed Clinical LOA invoices are automatically generated on SMS and will not be mailed to student.  Student is responsible for accessing and paying their invoice.
  • Failure to pay this invoice on time may result in loss of good standing and or administrative withdrawal.  
  • Student will remain on Completed Clinical LOA until all requirements are met for graduation. 

*Amount subject to change without notice*