MD Program Graduation Requirements

The Promotions and Progress Review Committee reviews the entire academic record of all students before graduation. No student will graduate without meeting all essential requirements for graduation. These essential requirements are carefully checked by the Registrar and CCO and ensured that all candidates for the Doctor of Medicine degree meet the standards of the University.

The following are the essential requirements:

Academic requirements:

  1. Completion of all basic science courses (MD1 to MD6) including CCSA 1(OSCE)
  2. Passing CBSE and passing USMLE Step 1
  3. Completion of all clerkship requirements (84 weeks of clinical rotations)
  4. Passing CCSE and passing USMLE Step 2 CK
  5. Passing CCSA 2 (Kaplan OSCE)
  6. Passing Occupational English Test

Financial good standing:

  1. Be discharged of all indebtedness to the University

Professionalism requirements:

  1. Have maintained a Professional Attributes as expected of a Xavier Student  
  2. Have no pending cases related to professional misconduct

Age requirement:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age

Admission requirements:

  1. Compliance with admission requirements


Note: The graduation requirements of Xavier University School of Medicine align with the ECFMG policies and Requirements for Certification


Policy: MD Program Graduation Requirements Policy

Last updated: May 2021