MD6 LOA- Mandatory start dates

After the students pass USMLE Step 1 and begin the journey into Clinical Rotations, it is important for the students to adhere to the following schedule, timelines and requirements:

The first Clinical rotation the student will take will be a 12-week program. This program has been developed by our Clinical Dean, Dr. Pestell, along with the clinical department and curriculum committee, to offer students the best opportunity to get acquainted with clinical rotations in the US. The first 8 weeks will be at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, a renowned medical research center located in Wynnewood PA. This will be followed immediately by 4 weeks of FM1 IM1 – Introduction to Clinical Rotations at the Lankenau Medical Center. This program is mandatory for all students starting clinical rotations, as part of a total of 84 weeks of clinical rotations.

The Clinical Track start dates:

Mentioned on the website


Clinical Track Core Rotations:


Family Medicine

6 weeks


6 weeks

Internal Medicine

12 weeks


6 weeks


6 weeks


12 weeks


48 weeks

After taking and passing Step 1, all students have a maximum of 30 days from that time to begin their clinical rotations. Please make note of the above start dates, and plan your exam date accordingly.

Upon receiving a passing score:

  • The student will move on to clinical rotations first available track and the tuition for CM1 will be automatically billed.  
  • The student will be charged USD 800 per week for any delay in beginning clinical rotation beyond stipulated 30 days until a maximum of 12 weeks.
  • Any delay in beginning clinical clerkship training beyond 12 weeks will lead to automatic dismissal
  • Non- compliance with the timely payment of tuition and financial dues will also lead to automatic dismissal. It is the student’s responsibility to regularly check the finances and remain in good standing.

This year, Xavier University School of Medicine has proudly received approval from New York State, which means students can now rotate without limit in New York State. We have affiliations with well-known hospitals in NY State. Students will be placed in core rotations based on availability, barring any delay in tuition payment, or clinical required document submission. 

If you have questions about clinical rotations, please feel free to reach out to the clinical coordinator Ms. Andrea Alvarez at