Medical Student Support Strategy

The XUSOM Medical Program seeks to deliver impactful student support which is fully aligned with program delivery. It aspires to assist students in times of need, and also to inspire and motivate medical students during their time at XUSOM. From a broader perspective, it is anticipated that student support initiatives will leave a lasting legacy for graduates as they progress into the medical workforce.

The mission of Office of Student Affairs is to help the students with academic and non academic needs. We are a source of information, support and guidance. We are committed to helping the students make the most of their time while they are in XUSOM. We also emphasize on students maintaining a good study / life balance in order to maintain their overall well being.

The supports provided by the Office of Students Affairs are:


1. Care and Support

Personal mentoring: Every student is allocated a faculty mentor who serves to take care of both academic and non academic needs of the student.

Acclimatization to the island life: As an effort to help students acclimatize to the island, we support the students from the time they land on the island.

Accommodation: Xavier has build dorms with modern amenities and provide students with all the help they require with regards to living in the island. Additionally if the students wish to stay independently the University helps to find an apartment.

Student Wellbeing: XUSOM strives to help students maintain overall well being. Further information can be found under the section Student Wellbeing.

Dean’s Alpha Omega Student Mentor Program: The 4th year students in good academic standing, who have gathered the knowledge to share with incoming clinical students who are preparing to start their clinical rotations are selected to be part of the Dean’s Alpha Omega Student Mentor Program. As an Alpha Omega Mentor, students will guide and advise the incoming 3rd year clinical students assigned to them.


2. Academic Support

The Office of Student affairs strives to work collaboratively with system chairs, faculty, who are responsible for providing course specific advice, identifying students at risk, and providing any remedial academic or clinical training. To safeguard student confidentiality and remove perceived barriers to seeking help, the Office of Student affairs will not play any role in academic progression decision-making.

For more details can be found under the section Academic Support


3. Community:

XUSOM seeks to build strong alliances with the local community to deliver integrated and transformative support to our Aruban students. Several scholarships are provided to the local students in this regards.



The Medical Student Support Strategy exemplifies the values of the XUSOM:

  1. The pursuit of excellence through applying a comprehensive suite of student support services which is evidence based and world standard.
  2. Creativity and independent thinking though supporting students to create their own aspirations and strategies for success, and welcoming the expertise of support staff.
  3. Honesty and accountability through authentic conversations regarding student support needs, and a determination to address these and evaluate their success.
  4. Mutual respect and diversity through robust initiatives to embed a culture of student support, and a respect for the diversity in the needs of XUSOM Medical Students.
  5. Supporting our people through providing student support infrastructure and staff educational opportunities.