Message from the Chief Academic Officer and Deans of Basic and Clinical Science

You are embarking on a career and profession with a long and valued history. The education you undertake only begins with your time at XUSOM. You will be expected to learn every day of your careers, adjusting your knowledge base, treatments and recommendations to families based on what you learn with us, what you learn after you leave, and your own broad experience.

Remember that you are a health care professional, and a valued member of the health care team. At times you will be the leader, and at times others will be leading the care of the patient. In all instances you must be respectful of the team.

We stand ready to assist you on your journey. But as with every complex and difficult task, you are the person most responsible for your success. Work hard, devote yourself to the profession and apply your skills to becoming the best physician you can be.

Arun Dubey, MD
Chief Academic Officer

Richard Pestell, MD
VP Of Academic Affairs & Dean of Clinical Sciences

Gopikumar Shivaramaiah, MD
Assistant Dean of Basic Sciences