Welcome to the Xavier University School of Medicine Student Handbook.

All students should read the whole handbook at least once because it will be very useful to you throughout your time at XUSOM.

Because there is a great deal of information in the handbook, we have divided it into a number of sections.

Section I gives the general guidelines for the proper behavior at our institution, a message from the President, our Chief Academic Officer and Deans. This will provide an introduction about what students should expect.

Section II offers a panoramic view about everything that is needed before coming to Aruba, such as documents and credits. It also informs students about codes of conduct, use of IT and school policies.

Section III lays out the basics of our curriculum and grading policy.

Section IV deals with financial matters, leaves of absences, transcripts, and similar concerns.

Section V is concerned with more academic matters, such as library resources, advice and counseling. It also deals with important topics such as pharmacies, facilities, and student organizations.