Policy for consistency in academic progress

Students are required to successfully pass each and every class in XUSOM. Transfer credit may be accepted if the credit adheres to ECFMG transfer credit policy. Transfer credit will be applied in accordance with the XUSOM policy on transfer credits.

See transfer credit policy for further details.

Students who academically fail one system will be promoted to the next term provided the student passes a re-examination given within the first week of the subsequent semester. If the student successfully completes the examination, the student will be promoted. A re-examination fee will be imposed regardless of pass/fail outcome and based upon re-examination attempts. The maximum final grade allowable for re-examination is 70% (Pass). Student failing a re-make exam will be required to repeat the entire course.

Students failing 2 or more systems in a semester may not be promoted to the next term. The student will be placed on academic probation and will remediate the failed courses in the following semester.

Students have to successfully pass the failed courses to be promoted to the higher term.

A student placed on Academic Probation will be required to pass (P) all assigned classes the following semester.

Students failing will be placed on academic probation and will be reviewed by the Promotions and Progress Review Committee. The outcome of this review can be placement on academic probation and/or other academic remedies, which may include academic dismissal.

A class may not be attempted more than 3 times. If a student fails or withdraws from a class 3 times (including re- examination) the student is subject to dismissal.

Students have the right to appeal academic dismissal to the Grievances Committee. (Please reference section “Grievances Committee”)

All Students are required to successfully pass all the courses, the Comprehensive Basic Science Examination conducted by NBME and Comprehensive OSCE administered by XUSOM in order to register for the United States Medical Licensure Examination Step 1.

All medical students are required  to  complete  the  Basic  Sciences  within  3  years  of  admission  to  MD program. All  medical  students  are  required  to  complete  the  Clinical    Sciences  within  3  years  of  promotion or admission to the Clinical Sciences program The  maximum duration to graduate from the medical school is 7 calendar years. Exceeding  these  limits  in  the  duration  of  medical  education  program  may  result  in dismissal from the program, or the requirement to repeat some or all courses falling outside the specified limits  of time.


Policy Contact: Chair, Curriculum Committee

Updated: 2021