Policy for Non-Discrimination and Inclusiveness/Diversity

Xavier University School of Medicine undertakes to protect students from being bullied, discriminated against or harassed on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion or ethnic origin. Harassment can be defined as a hostile act or expression or a series or combination of hostile acts or expressions against a person relating to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion or ethnic origin. This may include derogatory name-calling, jokes, verbal abuse, unwanted or abusive written communication on social media or chats, physical attacks and ridicule. Harassment on the grounds of gender may also include suggestive looks, compromising invitations, or aggressively foul language. Students who feel that they have been the victim of discrimination or harassment on these grounds - whether by administration, faculty or students – should contact their Faculty Advisor or their Student Government Association Representative, who will take the matter to the appropriate senior member of staff. Students are advised to keep a written log of any actions that they feel were discriminatory or constitute harassment and to provide details of any witnesses to these actions. Students are advised that any allegation of harassment or discrimination will be dealt with promptly The Promotions and Grievances Committee will investigate allegations against students; the Deans of each program will investigate allegations against their respective administrative staff or faculty. Students who allege discrimination or harassment may be required to attend an investigative hearing of either the Promotions and Grievances Committee or the respective Dean to provide details of the alleged harassment or discrimination. Students who are found to have harassed or discriminated against fellow students may be subject to immediate dismissal from the School. Administrative staff or faculty members who are found to have harassed or discriminated against a student will be disciplined in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Xavier University School of Medicine Faculty Handbook.

Nondiscrimination policy:

Xavier University School of medicine follows consistent criteria for the admission of students to the school of medicine, without discrimination in age, gender, religion, disability or any other factors.

Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy:

Xavier University School of medicine acknowledges that it operates in a diverse community of multiple nations, ethnicities, economies and religions. In valuing the diversity of its student and staff population, the university believes in equality of opportunity in staff and students recruitment, access of resources and academic growth. It strives to provide an environment that is free of harassment and discrimination and adopts measures to respect heterogeneities in thoughts and practices due to variations in gender, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomics, religions and geographic backgrounds