Policy on Authoring of Medical Student Performance Evaluation


Medical students should be provided with an option for having an alternate person prepare their MSPE.



Each medical student’s Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) will be written by the Dean/ Assistant Dean during the summer beginning the final academic year of medical school. The Dean has no role in summative assessments during medical school.

If a medical student does not want their assigned Dean to write their MSPE, the student must notify the Dean for Student Affairs and the registrar of their request for a different MSPE author by May 1 of the year in which the MSPE is to be written. To provide the student with someone who is experienced in writing an MSPE, the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs will assign a different Dean to author the student’s letter. The student will be notified of the assignment and work with that Dean in the letter creation and review.

A student has right to review MSPE, and has right to challenge and request correction of the MSPE.

To request a review or inquire about their MSPE, the student must contact the Dean of student’s affairs or Clinical Dean. A meeting is set between the student and one of the above designees. The CAO grants final approval of any challenges to information on the MSPE. All XUSOM Students are required to review their MSPE before submission to ERAS.



This policy applies to:

  • Medical students
  • Deans
  • Dean for Student Affairs



Dean of Student Affairs




LCME Element 11.1 Academic Advising: A medical school has an effective system of academic advising in place for medical students that integrates the efforts of faculty members, course and clerkship directors, and student affairs staff with its counseling and tutorial services and ensures that medical students can obtain academic counseling from individuals who have no role in making assessment or promotion decisions about them.





Faculty Senate




13th Aug 2021