Policy on Readmisson


Any student who has voluntarily withdrawn or has been withdrawn from Xavier University School of Medicine and wishes to reapply for the MD program must follow the procedures of the readmission.


The application of readmission should be submitted to the Grievances Committee. The committee will carefully review the application and provide decision with terms and conditions of readmission.

Applications for readmission must be supported by the following documents:

  1. Cover letter providing explanation about reason for withdrawal, purpose of readmission and remediation plan if the student was academically struggling (failed courses, low grades, and/or low attendance).
  2. Transcripts from remedial courses, additional courses, or formal academic training taken since withdrawal.

Consideration is given to the academic record of the applicant, the length of absence, and the activities undertaken during the absence.

Readmission, if approved, may be conditional subject to terms and conditions that may require the student to perform specific tasks at a specific standards, either prior to or following readmission.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of readmission will result in cancellation of readmission and denial of further appeals for readmission.

The readmission is subject to readmission fee as set by the Student Finance in addition to the other course fee.


Policy Contact: Chair, Grievances Committee