Policy on Transfer Credits

Transfer credits are credits earned for a course taken at a different medical school that are accepted by Xavier University School of Medicine towards meeting graduation requirements.

In compliance to the “ECFMG Policy on Transfer Credits”, credits that are transferred must meet all of the following criteria:

  • All credits will be transferred from a medical school that is listed in the World Directory as meeting ECFMG eligibility requirements.
  • Credits must be for courses that were passed at the medical school at which the course was taken.
  • Credits will be transferred from only one medical school. If the student has transfer credits from more than one medical school, then they have to choose only one medical school to transfer their credits.

“Vide ECFMG Policy on Transfer Credits” updated 2019



Transfer students are required to apply using the standard application form available from the XUSOM Office of Admissions or Web Site.

Students must submit transcripts of their previous medical school, as well as the results of standardized examinations.

Students who have not had a course comparable to the Xavier courses, or who have failed a course at another institution, must complete the courses or retake the courses at Xavier.

Students with unacceptable scores on standardized examinations are not accepted for transfer.

A student who has completed the basic sciences curriculum at a medical school that is listed in the World Directory, has successfully passed USMLE Step 1, and has completed some, but not all, of their clinical rotations, may enter and complete no less than 60 weeks of approved clinical rotations at Xavier University School of Medicine sites

Transfer students are not accepted into the final year of the program except under rare circumstances.

All applications will be reviewed by the admissions department and a decision about the transfer credits and placement in the XUSOM MD program will be decided on case to case basis. The decision made by the admission department is final.


ECFMG 2020 Information Booklet: Medical Education Credentials - ECFMG Policy on Transfer Credits. https://www.ecfmg.org/2020ib/transfer-credits.html


Policy Contact: Chair, Admissions Committee