Research Committee


The Research Committee of Xavier University School of Medicine has the mandate to promote research in the institution especially research that can improve teaching-learning activities in the institution and which can benefit the local Aruban community. The committee actively seeks the cooperation of other organizations on the island and abroad to develop research skills and aptitude. 


  1. Chair: The chair of the Committee is appointed by the Chief Academic Officer.
  2. 3-5 faculty members: The Chair, in consultation with the deans, appoints the other members to the committee.
  3. Students.



  1. The committee works closely with the institutional review board to promote ethical research in the institution.
  2. To monitor the research activities.
  3. The committee requests the school administration to support research by providing modest requirements, such as the software and other support. Authors may also be supported by the publication charges.
  4. The committee has student members to encourage research among students.
  5. The committee works closely with the student-run Society for Research to encourage research events.
  6. One of the members is in charge of sessions on Critical Appraisal of Scientific Literature which is important in inculcating a critical attitude of scientific inquiry among students.
  7. The committee in association with the Society for Research organized a XUSOM Research Day. After an introductory session about a research topic faculty and students present their posters in the school auditorium. The posters are judged by invited judges from outside the institution and prizes are awarded to the best poster in the faculty and the student section.
  8. The committee works closely with the editorial team of Xavier times, the school newsletter and the Dean of Student Affairs to disseminate information about research events and research projects conducted in the institution and published in various journals.   

Meeting Procedures

Frequency Meetings

Meetings will be held at least once every semester. Additional meetings may be convened in a semester at the call of the Chair. The Chair will send out the agenda before each meeting.


A simple majority of the total membership of the committee shall constitute a quorum. A quorum shall be required to take any action. The members from remote locations will partake in the committee proceedings via web conferencing.

Conflict of Interest

Members are expected to declare a conflict of interest if their real or perceived personal interests might be seen to influence their ability to assess any matter before the committee objectively.  A declaration may be done at a meeting or in writing to the Chair.  If the declaration is accepted by the Chair, the concerned member/s will be excused from the respective meetings and excuses will be recorded in the minutes.

Lines of Accountability

The Research Committee is accountable to the Deans and the Chief Academic Officer.

Minutes and Reports

The secretary will take minutes to summarize each meeting and distribute the minute electronically to all Committee members.


By-laws will be reviewed and revised by the Research Committee annually, and presented in Faculty Senate for approval.


Institutional Review Board


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Xavier University School of Medicine has the mandate to ensure that all approved research proposals meet internationally agreed standards for conducting research and that all research is conducted ethically and no harm to the research subjects ensures due to the conduct of the research.

Terms of Reference:

The chair of the IRB is appointed by the Chief Academic Officer (CAO). The chair in consultation with the CAO appoints other IRB members. The IRB has designed a proposal submission form that researchers can use to submit research proposals. The researcher has to complete the form and submit to the IRB for review as The IRB has also prepared a form that reviewers can use for reviewing proposals. The reviewer submits their reviews to the chair through email. Based on the recommendations of the members, a proposal may be either accepted or the authors may be asked to revise the same. All correspondence is electronic and the IRB aims to provide a first decision within 2 weeks of proposal submission.

The IRB works in close co-operation with the research committee to promote ethical research in the institution. As the institution is small, there may be a certain degree of overlap of membership between the Research Committee and the IRB.