Student Organizations

SGA (Student Government Association)

The purpose of this body is to provide a forum for student concerns and opinions, and to increase communication between the student body and the rest of Xavier University School of Medicine community.

FMIG (Family Medicine Interest Group)

The purpose of the FMIG is to educate and promote the various specialties at Xavier University School of Medicine (XUSOM).  FMIG currently provides speakers with topics of interest relating medicine, organizes XUSOM health fairs, provides interested medical students with the opportunity to attend workshops for blood pressure, BMI, vision, hearing, blood glucose, and suturing, and organizes events to raise fund-raising for charities.

PMIG (Pediatric Medicine Interest Group)

The mission of the Pediatric Medicine Interest Group (PMIG) is to provide service to the Aruban pediatric community and promote the field of pediatrics at Xavier University School of Medicine (XUSOM).  Our members fulfill our goals by attaining hands-on experience and exposure to careers in pediatrics, shadowing local physicians in clinical settings, participating in fundraising activities, and receiving education from guest lecturers around the world. 

AMSA (American Medical Students Association)

The objectives of the Association shall be as follows:

To be committed to the improvement of health care and health care-delivery to all people; to promote the active improvement of medical education; to involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; to assist in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; to contribute to the welfare of all members, including premedical students, medical students, interns, residents and post-M.D./D.O. trainees; to advance the profession of medicine; to work to ensure that medicine reflects the diversity of society, with diversity including but not limited to differences in age, culture, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, gender and disability.

SAO (Student Ambassador Organization)

As prospective physicians, SAO feels that medical students should develop expertise beyond medicine to compete in a dynamic health care market. Our goal is to promote dual degrees in the XUSOM medical student population and expand student community outreach.  To enhance personal and professional integrity by building stronger community ties while enriching professional experiences.

AEP (Academic Enhancement Program)

The Academic Enhancement Program (AEP) offered at XUSOM is a service available to students, led by students. It is a tutoring program where students can assist their peers and juniors in areas they might find more challenging. Through AEP, the tutor will help their tutee better understand the course material by taking extra time to explain concepts to them. This is a free service offered to all XUSOM students. 

SNMA (Student National Medical Association)

SNMA has a special consultative status within the United Nations, and has been recognized as worldwide medical student representatives by the World Health Organization and the World Medical Association on several occasions. The SNMA's activities range from raising awareness on public health, human rights and reproductive health issues to involving students actively in medical curricula reforms and medical education.