Student wellness


Our mission at the Office of Medical Student Affairs is to provide comprehensive and integrated support services to medical students through partnerships with the local fitness clubs, organizations, physicians, clinics and hospitals. We are an effective and responsive team who work collaboratively to ensure our student’s wellness and personal success. 


Health Insurance

Students should have a health insurance plan separate from the AZV which is the plan provided by the Aruban Government after the student residency permit is received. As part of the curriculum, the students will be required to attend clinical and hospital visits wherein students will be exposed to patients with infectious diseases. Health insurance covers any such hospital acquired infections or any other uneventful incident.

AZV: Aruba has universal health coverage for its habitants since 2001 and was the first country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands to have so. AZV offers everybody who lives legally in Aruba access to quality health care. When you live in Aruba and you're registred in de Population Registration (Census) you are entitled to AZV. Although the AZV is a mandatory insurance, it still requires you to register personally at the AZV to get your proof of insurance, choose your (family) doctor, pharmacy and dentist.

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Medical Disability Insurance
The school does not require medical students to purchase disability insurance policies, but we highly recommend such policies, particularly for those students who have a family. We are required to provide access to sources of such coverage for students. The list below is a compilation of insurers who will provide individual or group disability policies to medical students. Each policy has slightly different coverage parameters, restrictions, and costs, so please evaluate these carefully to select the best policy for individual situation. If you have questions about such policies, please see the financial controller.

American Medical Association Student Disability Income Insurance


AMA Med Plus Advantage Disability Income Insurance for Medical Students


Doctor Disability


Student Fitness

Fitness center

XUSOM has state of the art dormitories with basketball court, swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball court, golf and gymnasium.
XUSOM is also affiliated with a Private Gym in Aruba which is accessible to students at discounted prices. The gym also has an inbuilt Basketball court, Zumba center, Boxing and Cross fit centers. The students can choose to indulge in fitness program based on their preferences.

Yoga Club

Yoga club is a student club run by the SGA to support students interested in learning and practicing Yoga. 


Aruba being an island with scenic beauty, the students based on their interests can also choose to involve themselves in several water sports. Based on the expertise and interests, the students can take up snorkelling, sea diving, swimming, etc.

Aruba also has a jogging track which is on the beachfront and in close proximity to the school.

Intramural sports competition
XUSOM hosts intramural football match annually in order to promote fitness amongst the students and faculty.


Personal /Psychological counseling:

Licensed psychologist provide confidential and personal counseling. Counseling is provided to students without any additional cost and offers both short and long-term therapy to manage and cope with the challenges in their lives and support their personal and professional success. Counseling is provided over general as well social and personal issues. Issues regarding to the living and adjustment to the island life, personal matters, stress management, etc are discussed with the students.

In addition MD students can be referred to, and meet with, the local psychiatrist free of charge (in conjunction with insurance / AZV coverage), if it appears that medication may be an appropriate course of treatment.

Strict discretion is maintained regarding all matters related to the personal counseling and psychiatric consultation and no data is sought by the school or shared by the counselors.

The counselors visit the campus for a minimum of 2 days per week between 3 PM to 5 PM. In addition the students can request an appointment on a need basis. Students can meet the counselors in their office during these times.


Office of Student Affairs:

  1. Dr. Elizabeth C. Carey,  Assistant Dean of Student Affairs:

For personal psychological counseling:

  1. Ms. Diana C. Wever-Salcedo:,