Xavier University School of Medicine will provide transcripts upon formal request for all students who are currently or have previously been registered and have met all financial obligations to Xavier. Transcripts represent the official record of a student’s performance while at the School.

Transcripts contain the following information:

  • Date transcript issued
  • Student name
  • Student date of birth
  • Initial matriculation date
  • Courses taken and grades achieved
  • Date of Conferral of Degree
  • Record of Transfer Credit & Institution
  • Degree Awarded
  • US Registrar’s Signature & Seal of Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

The transcripts are graded as follows:

  • H – Honors
  • P - Pass
  • F - Fail
  • TC - Transfer Credit
  • I - Incomplete
  • W - Official Withdraw
  • CR - Credit by Examination
  • CPR - Failed Course Credit by Re-Examination
  • IP - In Progress

Students may request official copies of their transcript to be sent to other educational establishments, including the ECFMG, as required. Students should refer to the Annual Prospectus for updated information regarding transcript fees. Students in good financial standing may view their unofficial transcripts on the Student Management System.

Students must complete a Student Transcript Request Form, which is available through the Student Management System. If all obligations are met by the student the Official Student Transcripts will be issued no later than 2 weeks after receipt of a completed request form and payment.

For student confidentiality purposes, a student must submit a Transcript Request Form and payment of

$100 USD by any of the accepted payment methods made to Xavier Admissions LLC. Additional charges may apply for ECFMG verification, all records requests or expedited services.

A request for an official transcript release cannot be honored if administrative documents are missing or if a student is in financial arrears.

Upon receipt of the Transcript Request form and payment, the Registrar in New York will process the request accordingly and within the business week.

For transcript requests to institutions overseas, a student will be notified of the appropriate overseas postal costs, which are to be incurred by the student.

Students can receive a student (unofficial) copy of his/her transcript from SMS.

Please note: the transfer credits might be verified by ECFMG, depending on individual schools status with ECFMG, students might need to obtain an “exemption letter from ECFMG”. It will be student’s sole responsibility to get exemption letter from ECFMG, if required, XUSOM Aruba will have no responsibility in this regard.

ECFMG will not accept incomplete transcripts.  If required, students have to pay and complete the missing courses at XUSOM, Aruba. This decision of the “Promotions and Grievances Committee” of XUSOM, Aruba will be final in this regard.

Any misrepresentation of facts, falsifying documents will be dealt as per the guidelines and existing policies at XUSOM, Aruba.

Please note that your acceptance into Xavier is provisional, based upon the completion of your student file.  These outstanding documents being listed below are to be submitted to the Admissions Department in New York.


Xavier will provide transcripts of the rotations completed and name of the facility they have completed along with the name of the preceptor.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain hospital or program rotation approval with the hospital seal and stamp from the responsible entity. Xavier will not be responsible or liable for obtaining source certification for individual students. In case of licensing or other agencies requiring specific verification other than transcripts, it remains the sole responsibility of student to obtain such documents.