Course Registration and Course Withdrawal

Registration Information

Basic Sciences/Aruba

All students are required to officially register for basic science classes online via the SMS system. Any students registering after the registration dates will be subject to a late registration fee. It is important that a student have all identification documents in possession at registration. Submission of all official transcripts is a requirement for continued attendance at XUSOM. Outstanding documents may result in Administrative Withdrawal.

Please refer to for the specific dates of registration. Contact the Registrar for further information and other questions regarding registration.

XUSOM identification cards are distributed to students during registration and they are required to carry the card at all times on campus and in clinical-related environments. Students are also required to present the ID card when requested to do so by XUSOM   officials.

Students must be officially registered for the semester or they will not be permitted to attend classes.

Please note: Official clearance from the student finance must be obtained prior to commencing the registration process; all students are advised to settle all university charges well in advance of registration.

Note: A student cannot register for classes in either the Basic Sciences or Clinical Sciences until tuition is paid, and all prior charges are paid and up to date. Unless otherwise noted, all tuition and fees must be paid one month prior to the start of a semester, or clinical rotation.

Clinical Medicine

Information regarding Clinical Sciences registration (CM1–CM6) is delivered via XUSOM email. Each Clinical Science student is then contacted by the assigned Clinical Coordinator regarding clerkship placements.

In order for a student to be registered:

  • All relevant documents must have been submitted to and received by the Clinical Coordinator in the New York Office
  • Student required document list is located in the Clinical Science Course Catalog and provided to students via email from the clinical department upon entrance into clinical medicine.
  • All XUSOM tuition accounts must be settled.
  • All XUSOM tuition payments must be received three weeks prior to the start of rotation.
  • The students are expected to start clinical rotation within 6 weeks of passing Step I
  • It is mandatory for all the students to attend Clinical Orientation Programs online
  • The clinical coordinator will not begin assigning any rotations until tuition accounts are settled.

Withdrawing from a Course

Students who wish to withdraw from one or more of the courses for which they are registered in a given semester must complete a request form. Request forms are available from the Registrar to whom completed forms must be returned. The Registrar will forward all completed forms to the appropriate Dean. Students who withdraw from a course will be required to take that course in the following semester. Students should bear in mind that this may preclude their taking certain courses in the following semester; the course graced will be “withdrawn”. Students may request to withdraw from a course at any time during the semester prior to the final examination. Students must continue to attend classes and examinations until approval to withdraw from a course is granted. Failure to attend the appropriate number of classes for each course will result in a failing grade being recorded on a student’s transcript, unless permission to withdraw (W) from the course has been granted.

Withdrawing from XUSOM

Students who wish to withdraw from the School should contact the Registrar. Students will be required to complete a program withdrawal form, a copy of which will be kept in the student’s file. Based on eligibility, a student’s tuition may be returned to them upon withdrawal from the School, subject to the following policy:

Students will only be officially withdrawn from the School if they are in good financial standing with the School.

Transcripts are sent to other institutions if requested, and after any outstanding payments have been received.

Students who withdraw from XUSOM must re-apply if they wish to return to the Program. Students who are re-admitted to the Program will be subject to the policies and procedures then in place, and not necessarily those in place at the time that the student originally matriculated. The date and time of withdrawal will be taken when it is officially submitted to the University.


Students are required to keep a printed copy for their file.

Please refer to Refund Policy for further details on eligibility.